Why you should consider outsourcing your marketing management

We all know that marketing works, it isn’t based on some sort of magic or going out on a whim in the hope that you catch the attention of the right audience or buyer. Most of the time, it’s about making sure you have a proven process in place, knowing your market and executing a plan that closely aligns to your business goals.

However, sometimes marketing is pushed to the back burner or given to the wrong person to manage and while technology companies know their customers deeply, often everyone is so busy delivering for their current customers that they forget to ensure they are front of mind for their next customers.

In my experience, this typically happens when companies reach the level of growth where they know they need to focus on marketing, but they don’t know where to start or who to start with. Cue an outsourced Marketing Manager

Now, giving responsibility of your marketing over to someone can be a daunting thought – how do I know this person (or company) knows my business? How do I know they are going to target the right customer? How do I know they will stay within time and budget? These are all valid questions and things to consider particularly when that person is not employed by your company. However, outsourcing your marketing management is likely a valid option for most technology companies or MSP’s and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Access to a Senior Marketing Resource (and Team)

Outsourcing your marketing management means you have a senior resource leading your campaigns, crafting strategies, and guiding your decisions related your marketing and customer acquisition. Having someone with wealth of experience and a track record of driving results means you’re likely to make more informed decisions and take more considered risks. Not to mention the fresh perspective they bring to your business.

2. Access to a Network of Specialist Marketing Resources

To be effective, you will likely require access to range of diverse skills and talent – think content creation, graphic design, SEO etc. By outsourcing your marketing efforts to an outsourced marketing manager, you take away the pain of needing to find their skills yourself. Your marketing manager will have access to a network of other (often vetted) professionals that can do this work. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about briefing them as your marketing manager will take of this for you.

3. Ongoing Learning and Expertise

When you outsource your marketing management, you tap into a team of experts who are constantly keeping up with the changes in the market but also with their knowledge and technology. This means you are not only getting the most up to date expertise but also you’re not responsible for ongoing training costs.

4. Lower Cost Than a Full-Time Employee

Building an in-house marketing team comes with a bit of a price tag – salaries, benefits, training, equipping with hardware & software, not to mention the time taken for recruitment. Outsourcing your marketing management is a cost-effective alternative. You pay a monthly set fee without the need of PAYG tax, super or bonusses. This not only frees up your budget for other critical business requirements but also ensures that you get maximum value for your marketing investment.

5. Deep Understanding of the IT Industry

IT marketing requires a unique understanding of its nuances and players. Things like understanding how to secure SDF or MDF through vendors and distributors, how to report this and navigating various partner portals can all be overwhelming when you’re already trying to serve customers and build your business. Having a partner who understands the IT industry and its quirks as well as someone who is able to manage your various marketing relationships can be a key differentiator for your business.

6. Speed to market

Outsourcing your marketing management means cutting through the red tape and accelerating your speed to market with various campaigns and offers. This is often essential in a highly competitive landscape. From ideation to execution, having someone who can operate swiftly means you can become agile in streamlining processes, ensuring that your campaigns go live on time.

Having a trust professional on your side that can deliver on your marketing ideas and help you formulate a strategy and proven process can be a key differentiator for your business. Making sure it’s the right person is essential. Whether you have been considering outsourcing your Marketing Manager or hiring in-house resources, this article aims to help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring what an outsourced marketing management might look like for your business then get in touch today!